Apple Watch GUI for illustrator

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Another Vector Freebie! It’s for Adobe Illustrator which is my first choice when designing. I guess it could also be used to add stuff to Photoshop as smart objects if you are into this sort of thing….

This one needs Apple’s new font “San Francisco” which is also going to be the system font for most of the UI in Apple Watch , use of this font is allowed only by registered iOS or Mac developers and only on MAC lol… Like really the one they have on their site won’t install on windows. But what the heck, here is a converted version of San Francisco or you can also change all fonts to Roboto which somehow is very similar…


Hopefully you will made great apps with this illustrator template. Here are some details about the device. As you probably know there are two different sizes 38mm and 42mm. The template has both sizes. Whats interesting is that most UI is on black(dark) background and there’s no padding from the screen edge. So if you make a white background app the screen edge will be very easy to see. The device outer bounds are on separate layer so you can turn them off and see just the screen.  devices

The details are unbelievable…after making the template I cannot wait to get my hands on the real thing! I am considering updating this template with additional clocks in the future, so make sure you follow me on twitter or subscribe to our blog. Also checkout my Yosemite GUI templatedetailed

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