• General

  • What can I do with ProtoSketch?
    ProtoSketch is a vector graphics design software similar to inkscape, illustrator, sketch, corel draw and others… You can do all kinds of stuff with it – Web design, app design, logo design, icon design, print design, vector illustrations, ui and ux design – everything! However there are some features particularly useful for UI & UX design, making it even stronger for those types of design.

  • How is it different than any of the other available tools?
    Foundation – ProtoSketch is a native iOS, Mac app written with the latest available technologies from Apple. It is Stable and reliable it has an autosave, iCloud backup and many other privileges it inherits from Apple!
    Competitive Pricing – The price is just and subscription free unlike other competitors with very high prices and subscription based models.
    Simplicity – Some softwares have so many tools entire live is not enough to learn them all. We are not trying to give you every tool there is just the right amount of tools to make the design you want. Simple, easy , fast and intuitive designing. We focus more on workflows than on tools available.
    Alt + Shift Combos (iPad) – something never before implemented in an iPad app! And it is a productivity killer not to have it.
    Huge Roadmap – We have the ambition to bring many new features and grow the product with each new update until it becames the ultimate design tool we envisioned.

  • Prototyping?
    We have something unique in mind that will change how designers work. We are going to announce it when it’s close to being ready.

  • File Formats

  • SVG, PDF, PNG, JPG (supported!)
    Most of our efforts went towards fully supporting SVG import/export this format is available in most graphic design software. So you can easily use it to exchange data in and out of ProtoSketch. Currently ProtoSketch only exports PDF, we are going to add import support in future versions. PNG and JPG images could be both imported and exported but they do not preserve vector data like SVG and PDF

  • Others – psd, ai, sketch?
    The lack of documentation on these formats is currently preventing us from supporting them. Current priorities are versions for iPad and Mac. We might support them in the future.

  • What file sharing services are you going to support?
    ProtoSketch is going to support iCloud across Mac, iPad and iPhone – seamlessly syncing your documents on all your devices. iOS will also support Dropbox so you can easily import documents and images from there as well. “Open in…” functionality will allow you to use everything else you are used to.

  • Tools

  • Can I Draw and edit paths?
    Yes, you can draw paths with a “pen” tool you can simply sketch with the “pencil” you can add and remove points from existing paths and you can do everything you expect from a professional vector design software.

  • Can I perform vector boolean operations is there a “Pathfinder” ?
    Yes, you can divide, exclude, minus front, unite and intersect.

  • Are there layers and Groups?
    Yes, we support layers you can lock them and adjust their opacity the usual stuff. Groups? but of course!

  • What do you provide to style objects?
    You can change fill, stroke and shadow colors there is a beautiful color wheel, rgb and hsb sliders and lots of swatches you can choose from. Also HEX input. You can save colors in swatches. You can change line weights, caps and angles. You can add shadow change opacity, blending mode, etc…

  • Can I turn strokes and texts in path?
    Yes, you can!

  • Is there additional library of shapes?
    Yes, there is a large amount of shapes in different categories ranging from basic forms to icons and UI elements ready to be dropped in your project and save you hours of work! You can also save everything you want in there.

  • Can I use this app to vectorize a logo I sketched?
    You can menually vectorize a logo by tracing the path. Just open an image and it’s already locked on a separate layer, the pen tool is your only friend! We have an automatic image tracer in our roadmap but that’s not ready yet.