ProtoSketch 1.2

Co-Founder, CEO and Designer

Yet another update. Thank you for your constant feedback and helping us make ProtoSketch better! Here’s what’s new: 

Brush UI

New better control for the brush


Major bug fixes

We fixed some serious issues
And make the entire app more Stable


– Crash moving object in iOS8
– Crash on editing Brush Path
– Crash when app is in background
– Text tool problems
– Inability to align points from groups
– Tap to select compound path not
selecting the entire object
– Left hand support messed up UI positions
– Drawing when you zoom with Pen tool
– Points with same XY selection bug

Other Improvements

– Automatic Path Closing (Pencil)
– Option allowing continuous object creation
– New libraries like devices and iOS9 iPad UI


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P.S. You can also submit your artwork now and we will feature it on our homepage